Ok so I made a pattern with iPhone Jesus and then I made a sketchbook??


pretty much how 90% of my unposted drawings look

Nozaki before sleep uvu


Yo just a heads up. I’m staying in Kazakhstan for a week more! We’re chilling with ne-sy and ddundd and I’m having so much fun here I really don’t want to go back ghhh
I actually came to make Nesy draw her comic (and also draw mine) but we’re just generally having fun instead haha
Hopefully I’ll have something to spam you with when I’m back!

A short comic about a line in a snoop dog song

Pissed mangaka and beta

Dumping these here as well

monochromemoose asked: Crap I didnt know that was yu drawing on the stream today. Cool ill be follow you n libe stream aswell

Yeah if you mean the FSD stream with kr0npr1nz!

I’m apparently part of the FSD team now, even though I’m new haha

FSD streams every Saturday at 21:00 GMT+4 for ~5 hours straight, but we only talk in russian there so I don’t announce it on tumblr

And thanks! I hope to live up to live up to your expectations :>

Horny, a character of Arsenixc

Working on this!

I think I’m going to start posting on this blog againĀ 

#wip  #oni  

I was too lazy to film the last sketchbook so instead I scanned it and compiled a pdf

you can download it on gumroad

I participated in a 5 hour concept art contest at the Wacom booth during Ogic con. I didn’t win anything but it was a lot of fun! :>